Dear Peteroznewman,


About "This is pushing and pulling on the top of the structure with larger oscillations of displacement.  Why are you doing that?" , I want to do cyclic analysis to the structure following testing procedure from ATC and AISC until the material become plastic.

"It is the worst idea for efficiently solving the deformation of the structure out to the limits of displacement.", Any suggestions how do i know the structure displacement limit?

"A much better idea is to have a single step that goes out to 30 mm.", I'm sorry but I don't get what do you mean about this one.

"Perhaps you are trying to build up plastic strain. You don't have the correct material model to accomplish that. You must use Charboche." yes i was trying to do analysis until the structure become plastic not elastic anymore, and i will study about "Charboche".

Is there anything wrong in my model? I'm a newcomer to Ansys.

Thank you Peter, your reply and suggestion are very helpful to my research and thesis.