Naresh Patre
Ansys Employee

Hello PaulB

Looking at the images, it appears that the rocket model is made up of triangular shaped faces. Such geometries generally come when exported as stl format. Such triangular shaped faces are difficult to mesh as it is. I would like to know if you exported the geometry in stl format from Solid Works? If yes, then I would recommend you to export the model in other format like stp, parasolid so that the geometry is represented by standard shapes like cylinder, rectangle, etc which is much easier to mesh in ANSYS AIM.

In case the model exported in other format is also showing same triangular faces, then you will have to clean the model so the geometry is represented by standard geometry shapes. This cleanup can be done in SpaceClaim session of AIM or also in standalone SpaceClaim session. Please refer a couple of videos listed below which demonstrates some approaches on how to create a solid from stl (triangular faces).

Create lever geometry from STL in SpaceClaim

Solid model creation from STL in SpaceClaim

One more option to try out within AIM is to use Volume creation option after the geometry is imported. Please check out below video for details about volume creation approach. Also visit the online help document for detailed information in this context.