I don't know of anything different on the machine between it working fine, stopping working, working and then not. There wasn't anything that I did that made it work on Friday, it just worked like normal.

I'm running windows defender, no third party AV or firewall.

I did the troubleshooting - in other thread is the successful ping.

From what I can tell, the splash screen loads and it seemingly puts in a request to check the license. This seems to time out, as it sits there for a couple of minutes every time.

When it times out it displays a login box, which when submitted it then tries for a further period, some minutes later it times out and displays a message saying the license couldn't be found.

It gives the option here of starting SpaceClaim in View Only mode; which starts up fine, but is of course not much use.

From what I can gather something remote isn't responding and evidently SpaceClaim is inoperable when this happens?