Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

Hello proxicad

In your query, it is not clear if you would like to check this application in Discovery AIM or Discovery Live. This is not possible to calculate in Discovery Live. Although, you can generate an expression to evaluate it in Discovery AIM.

Go to 'Results' > 'Add'> 'Contour' and under 'Variables' and enter the expression to calculate the Factor of Safety.
For example, Stress eqv. / <Yield stress value> MPa.

Here, Stress eqv. is a predefined Named expression in Discovery AIM for Equivalent Stress.

For Yield Stress, also, you can generate a 'Named expression' by selecting on the desired material on the 'Material assignment' step using the option as shown in the image below.


Then, you can use this named expression in the Variable input as well.