Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

Hello david stremfelj

You can follow the below steps to export and import your user settings from different versions or different sessions of Discovery SpaceClaim.

1. Go to 'SpaceClaim options' from 'File' in Discovery SpaceClaim 2019 R1.

2. Under 'Advanced', on the right side, you have 'Export user settings'. Clicking on this will create a 'user.config' file. (refer image)

3. Open Discovery SpaceClaim 2019 R2 and again in 'SpaceClaim options' > 'Advanced', click on 'Import user settings' and choose the user.config file saved in the previous step. (refer image)

4. You may have to re-start Discovery SpaceClaim 2019 R2 for the settings to apply. 

If you want to use different user settings (such as different units or different detailing options) for different sessions, you can  export them into a '.config' file and import them quickly as per your application rather than modifying for each session.