following another internal discussion with our technical staff we and also our customers suffer from the confusion around the data exchange and format changes in ANSYS SpaceClaim (.sdoc-format) and the format used in Discovery products , e.g. Discovery simulation (.dsco-format). There are customers which are using ANSYS SpaceClaim for design tasks which want to transfer the design geometry to Discovery simulation for simulation task. In such cases the systems generates duplicated entities (.sdoc and .dsco formatted) which cannot be handled in part adminstration systems as all entities are doubled.  

It would be helpful to use a document which is providing to customers a recommendation which explains the data format differences and will provide suggestions how to handle such user scenarios. Until now it is a mess and is generating frustration of mixed users (SpaceClaim/Discovery).Thanks for checking this issue and looking for a description which can be forwarded to our customers in order to create a better understanding or a plan how to work. Thanks and regards

Wolfgang Geist