Hello Subashni

I'm very well aware of the goal of the new discretization method, and I completely understand if you are not allowed to share any further details about how the mesh is set up.
Thank you for clarifying the VRAM management situation. But please help me understand the behavior of 'Smart Memory Usage', because I'm confused knowing the results.

The minimum feature size is significantly larger in Live 2020R1, and hence, in the original example, there are roughly 3.3 times fewer cells using the same hardware and Fidelity compared to Live 2019R3.
Using the dump truck sample model, the difference reduces to around 2.9 times fewer cells, probably because the truck has more 'thin' features than the original cuboid body. (Minimum feature sizes: 2019R3: 47 mm, 2020R1: 67 mm; GPU: GTX 1080Ti, 11 GB VRAM; Fidelity: 100%.)

Please answer my question: is this behavior normal? In other words: can we expect to have a coarser mesh in 2020R1 compared to 2019R3, if there are no thin geometries in the domain?