Naresh Patre 

Thank you for the quick answer.
Yes, I always get the same error message.
I have executed the “graphics Card compability tool”. Screenshots are attached to the e-mail to the support team.
I also attached the requested files to the e-mail.
I have executed AIM several times – there is also a message that an initialization is performed – but this always ends in an error message. (One or more errors occured.)

I have the following suspicion: The registration on the homepage works, the download and the installation also. The necessary hardware requirements are met. However, there seem to be problems with the activation of the license.

The solutions can be found at Discovery License Activation Troubleshooting
were processed by my system administrator – but the ping still shows 100% loss.

We now run out of ideas what is not set correctly here…

I would be very pleased to receive feedback at short notice – we would like to start testing as soon as possible.