Naresh Patre   

I gave the RMS Current value (after considering the losses) of 3285A as shown in the image above.

I splitted the RMS Voltage of 1.48 V into two. I gave 0V to one end face of the bottom plate and 0.74V to the other end face of the bottom plate. I gave 0V and 0.74V to the top plate but in the opposite faces, as shown in figure below

When I use this boundary condition, (i.e. I converted the AC current and voltage, to DC equivalent by considering the RMS values of current and voltage.), the temperature at the center pipe is around 1000°C, which seems good.

But now I have a question, Are my boundary conditions correct? Does it make sense to split and give the voltage values like this? Is the total potential of 1.48V applied to the model?

The answers looks promising, but I want to make sure that the boundary conditions are correct/making some sense.