Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

Hello ashishdarekarsiemens

There as such no direct way to check for convergence in Discovery Live.
If you have large fluctuations in the Result values, you can allow the simulation to run a little longer or specify a suitable "End Time" (refer '1' in image) and check the results once the End time is reached.

If the range of fluctuations is small (of very low order), it can be ignored. Using "Time average result display" (refer '2' in image) can also help view better results. 

In the 2020 R1 version, you can turn off the "Transient" option (refer '3' in image)  to perform a Steady-state simulation in Fluids. 


Also, it is recommended to ensure that the problem defined is within the capabilities of Discovery Live.

If you have an issue with any specific problem, please share more details with us so that we can help you out better.