Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

Hello Ankurpitale

Is this query about Discovery SpaceClaim or Discovery Live?

In Discovery SpaceClaim, you can set the material from the properties panel for the required part and then check the mass of a part by using the Measure> Mass Properties tool. (refer image)


In Discovery Live, you will need to follow the below steps to measure the mass of a part:

  1. Turn on the Properties panel from Live Options> Customise> Panels. (refer image) 
  2. Then, assign the material in this Properties panel to view the mass. (refer image)

Please note that the material assigned in the Physics Setup is independent of the material assigned in the Properties Panel. This is so because the material properties of Discovery SpaceClaim do not interact with material properties of Discover Live. 

Unfortunately, this can be an inconvenience while using Discovery Live. We thank you for sharing your feedback. We will share your idea/input with the product development team.