Gaurav Sharma

Marc Vidal 

Thanks for sharing the file. I looked into it and can confirm that the problem is solely because calculators do not support measuring on faces internal to the volume. That face does not exist when it gets to the physics since flow passes through it.

I understand that this restricts you from designing the tubes by measuring mass flow through them individually. However, I would like to propose following workaround that might help you in this case.

Step-1. From the simulation you have already performed, extract Pressure at any point of tube 1 & 2 respectively, as shown at mid length of the tubes in image below


Step-2. With the reduced model (extracted by cutting through the tubes), impose the pressure outlet conditions at tube ends, use the pressure extracted in step 1(see image).


This way the physics in the reduced model is a mimic of actual model and the mass flow at the outlets can easily be monitored using calculation. I hope you will find this approach useful. Please let me know if you want me to elaborate or if any further assistance is required.

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