Hello Charudatta Bandgar

I'll answer all your points listed

1)The server disk is solid state and it's been a year since they bought it, by copying the files locally the loading times improve a little


2)The files are all on the server, and each contains a drawing


3)There are about 8500 components, more or less spaceclaim up to how many components works well at speed?


4)We have been reporting this problem for some time now, and I think it's a BUG.

As the convenient thing of SpaceClaim is to create the components inside the assemblies and then make them external, but in this way you create large files.

Will this problem ever be solved?
So this advantage of spaceclaim in creating parts inside assemblies is not very usable.
It would be great if when you externally convert a component it would purge all assembly information from the file information so that the file is small in size.
Or it would be nice if there was a batch file where it cleaned up all the information


Best Regards