I wanted to  re-install/update on the Office PC while my laptop is currently the only tool I can work with. 

I have downloaded the combined installer for Discovery AND Spaceclaim from the forum. I have a user license for both. Meanwhile, Discovery appears to run on the office-PC, I also got the ansysls-client.exe to run and identify my device IDs, so I don't disable the installation on my laptop. I unassigned the former device ID no longer in use and assigned my license to both active device IDs now. Still Spaceclaim only runs in Read Mode on the office PC, though it runs in full mode on the laptop. I especially need Spaceclaim just now, for a co-operation with other spaceclaim users. 

I have the suspicion that on the office PC, Spaceclaim tries to look for a flex license server, which it should not do ... how to prevent?