Brian Bueno
Ansys Employee


The Discovery Live fluid simulation does not support surfaces.

How easy it is to get solid geometry depends on what those surfaces represent.

If they are individual faces that just need to be joined to make a watertight solid cab, you can open the file in Discovery SpaceClaim and use Repair > Stitch.  There is also a tool there to fix gaps and another one to replace any missing faces.  You can try them in that order to see if you’re able to generate solid geometry.

You also have the option of using the Pull command to thicken surfaces, but with a model like this some solid bodies may begin to run into others as their thickness is increased, and the program won’t like that.

Your best option is to try the Repair tools.  If you need further assistance please let me know.


There are a few videos in the forum knowledge base that go over these tools.

I’d recommend watching these 2 to start:

SpaceClaim for Model Prep: Turbomachinery

Stitch Faces & Split Edges Tools in SpaceClaim