Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

Hello Fuyu-m

I run the model shared by you without making any changes but at default fidelity, in my system equipped with NVIDIA Quadro P5000. the following are my observations:

  1. You will see that I got the expected result. The inlet and outlet flow rate are almost the same. (please refer attached image).
  2. Also, notice the velocity contour plot in the above image. You can clearly see the flow of water through the outlet. 
    In the image shared by you, we can see that the contour plot is different from this. There seems to be no flow from the outlet. 
  3. I also run another iteration on a colleague's system, with a different graphics card to get an almost similar outcome. Thereby, we can tell it could not be an issue with Graphics.

It seems to me like there is some issue with the definition of the Outlet boundary condition in your model although I could not find anything wrong in the model you have shared. 

Could you please check your model or maybe try restarting the application and running the simulation again?