Thank you for checking the model.

I saw that you and your colleague's machine did not have the problem of inflow and outflow volumetric flow rate mismatch.


I tried the following.
1. I updated my graphic driver to the latest version. (I use the P4000)

2. I checked if changing the precision would cause the same problem. (I moved the slider bar from precision Max to speed Max)

3. I confirmed that the same problem would occur on other machines.
(I verified with P5000 and M2000.)


And I got the following result.
1. Updating the graphics driver did not solve the problem.

2. Changing the precision may or may not cause problems. (Of course I understand that changing the precision will change the result.)
High accuracy does not mean that the problem does not occur, but with some accuracy it does not matter, but it does occur with higher or lower accuracy.
I changed the accuracy and noticed that the volumetric flow rate of the inflow hardly changed, and the volumetric flow rate of the outflow changed significantly.

3. Similar problems occurred on other machines.
The attached image is the result when it was verified with P5000. Please note that each has a different accuracy.





● Can I ask you the following?
1. Can you check if changing the accuracy on your or your colleague's machine does not cause any problems?

2. If the problem also occurs on your machine, can you tell me how to solve this problem?

3. If the problem does not occur on your machine, can you tell me what to do to solve this problem?

Thank you.