Charudatta Bandgar

Hello Lukas ,


is it possible to create a Polyline from lines in SpaceClaim? I would like to create the polyline

 Yes, it is possible to create a polyline from lines in SpaceClaim.

To create polylines from lines in SpaceClaim, if you use fill  option  (or press F) and if you select endpoints of sketch curves, the curves are concatenated into a single spline. Neighboring sketch curves are merged into one polyline.  Please refer to this post and AIM documentation for more information.  

save to DXF/DWG for CNC machine.

 Once you have polyline, you can create a drawing in SpaceClaim and export it as .dxf/.dwg, as per your requirement. Please refer to SpaceClaim drawing tutorial and Spaceclaim documentation for a detailed explanation.


If you need any further information, please feel free to ask