Subashni Ravichandran
Ansys Employee

To address your query let me start by addressing the Ansys Discovery Hardware Requirements (2022 R2) page.

  1. The “General requirements” address the minimum hardware requirements to run any Discovery Product (SpaceClaim and AIM)
  2. The “Discovery Live Graphics Requirements” refer to the additional graphics requirements required to run Discovery Live. 

Once the installation of Discovery Ultimate is complete the ‘Discovery Live compatibility checker’ runs automatically which give out the pop up which you see. That message is meant or Discovery Live.
Thank you for pointing out that it does not mention “Discovery Live” and mentions only “Discovery”.
I will notify the developers about this.

Now, as we do not recommend integrated graphics such as Intel for any  Discovery Product, we would recommend you to go for a dedicated graphics as mentioned in the Ansys Discovery Hardware Requirements (2022 R2) page.