Hi virensaxena ,

I understand your concern. I'm working with fluids exclusively, but the below idea, I think, should work in all fields (CFD, FEA, etc.). The point is that you should have the same mesh resolution for all simulations.

  1. Try to set the so-called Fidelity parameter of the simulation in one of the computers that you use and check the mesh resolution (the so-called minimum feature size).
  2. Then set the Fidelity parameter on all other computers (with different hardware) to a value that results in the same minimum feature size as on the first machine.

If you want to work at the highest resolution that is possible on ALL of your computers, set the maximum Fidelity on the weakest machine (with a GPU with the least VRAM capacity) first , then proceed to the second point.

I'm sure that the ANSYS Support Engineers can help you if you have any specific questions about the details of the above method.