Charudatta Bandgar
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Thanks MF For the suggestion.

JJOR This suggestion would be helpful in my opinion. 


Steps to follow:

1. Create 3 folders, (Input1, Output1 and Output2)

2. Put all your files (high size) in Input1

3. Go to C:Program FilesANSYS Incv231scdm run convertor.exe as administrator.

4. In options in model input, select file filter to scdoc (change the time out if necessary). And select model output file type as step. Put output directory as Output1.


5. Go to data convert, Add folder, select the folder containing heavy scdoc files (input1). And click convert.


6. Now redo the steps, and select in options>Model input file filter as step, and model output as scdoc. Change the Output directory to Output2.

7. In data convert, remove all the files that were previously selected from input1, and add folder output1. Convert them.


All the reduced size scdoc files will populate in the Output2 folder. I can understand this is a lengthy and not the ideal process, but this is the best workaround that can be possible. 


In general, if your file size is high. Go to the Undo button at the top left of the SC window, click the little drop down arrow next to Undo and at the bottom, click Purge. This seems to decrease/clear the memory usage. 
If we do this Purge operation before saving the file / exporting as a new version, the file size will not increase.