Charudatta Bandgar

In the meantime I built up the model step by step and ran a modal analysis for each step to investigate where the problem is (contact or mesh or something else). The modal analysis is a common method to check the appropriateness of model. I found out that only the beam with complex geometry (bent many times) causes the exiting/freezing during the result evaluation. If you only keep the beam, apply fixed support on both ends and run a modal analysis, then you will get the same problem I think (exiting during result evaluation). This is a very strange AIM based bug.

Solution: The beam was made by 1 piece of shell so I splitted it into many shell pieces (flat parts and curved parts) and joined these pieces with Shared Topology feature inside Spaceclaim, see figure below. Then I checked the model again with modal analysis and the result evaluation did not fail. After that I prepared again the static structural analysis and ran the calculations with the above mentioned forces/displacements and with linear material model. Everything was fine and the result evaluation completed as well.

I need to have plastic strain result, so I switched the material model to nonlinear (bilinear isotropic hardening), but in this case I found a lot of problems again. I opened a new post about these problems, see: Nonlinear material model causes problems in AIM 2020 R1