Charudatta Bandgar
Forum Moderator

Hello Syed Saif Ali

If I understand correctly, you are doing a topology optimization run, and it is giving you asymmetric optimized shape, so you were  hoping if it is possible to instead split it and use the symmetry tool to utilize symmetry? I am discussing this with the team, and I have come across some issues while using the tool. Ideally, it should be possible to use the symmetry tool, with topology optimization.

One of the major issues being the way explore mode works, which is creating voxels and then using them to simulate, using graphic card capabilities. When the model is split, more voxels are generated, and when you are trying to replicate things like this it may be leading to a different "optimum" shape. Hence two similar runs (with and without symmetry could possibly give different results, and this at the moment is still in development stage. As of now, since it is not properly supported, I would not suggest you to use symmetry with topology optimization. I am still discussing this with the team, and I am also trying different approaches (sliding support instead of symmetry, etc.). I will let you know as I know more.


Let me know, if I did not understand it right.