Naresh Patre
Ansys Employee

Hello charlie

charlie said:
1/ When I try to do the symetry of a set via "assembly -> file", the set explodes! 1bis/ The external set symmetry explodes!

I am not sure if this is expected behavior or not, but if you internalize the external components, the assembly doesn't explode

charlie said:
2/ when I make the symmetry of a component and I modify afterwards the volume the symmetry does not follow 3/ If I make the symmetry of a body it works on the other hand it is not practical to make a BOM so if I create the component of this new body, I lose the link of symmetry...

The mirror tool behavior was changed a few versions back.
If you mirror a component, the resulting mirror will be independent of the original, and therefore changes to one will not affect the other.
However, if you mirror a solid, changes to one will apply to the other.
Therefore, if you want to mirror components, wait until you've made all your edits to the geometry of the original before mirroring.

charlie said:
4/ You can't make a symmetry of a set composed of internal AND external elements

I was not able to reproduce this issue. Are you noticing this for a particular file or with other files too? Can you share an example to reproduce this issue?