Gaurav Sharma
Rahul Mulinti I am glad to tell you that one of my colleagues shared an example (attached herewith) wherein APDL commands are used to define enthalpy as a function of temperature. This is how effect of Latent heat can be taken care of. Please follow the 3 step process as specified below: 1. Define a "Selection Set" which is a named selection of your geometry and name it "Selection Set 1" (Default name). This nomenclature has to be consistent with the one mentioned in commands you will use. 2. Go to solver options and add "User Commands". 3.Go to PREP7 tab and copy paste the command (please make sure to change the MPTEMP and MPDATA) as per your inputs FYI, The example shared above inputs the following enthalpy vs time chart: Kindly refer the attached sample AIM model for further help. Thanks & Regards, Gaurav