Ansys Employee

Hi SagarLive , It appers you are using the Repair Tab’s Missing Faces tool.

If you hover your mouse over the tool, a status message pops up and gives a brief description of the tool and if you press F1 it brings you to the help page for this tool.

The Missing faces tool’s job is to look at surface bodies, and if it has an opening of a certain size, it finds it as a missing face.   Notice the tool is in the solidify group, as it job is to help solidify surface bodies into solids, a very popular workflow for SC users

Most other CAD software tools creates tapped holes with a hole in the solid that is undersized for drilling.  It then adds a secondary surface body of a larger size representing the OD or ID of the thread.  These typically import as surface bodies with no faces on the ends.

The Missing faces tool finds this surface bodies as missing faces when you turn on the missing faces tool in the solidiy group.

When these surface bodies are not needed, we can use the selection tab on the left to find and select them quickly and delete them.

Or you can ignore what the missing faces tool find.

This is one of many vidoes on the forum on the missing faces tool if you do a search Repairing Gaps & Missing Faces Tools in SpaceClaim