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(0x8007052E): The user name or password is incorrect

    • Francis Poussin
      Ansys Employee

      When installing the Active Director connector service, the username and password of the account to join users and machines to the Organization Unit (OU) are given as parameters to the installation script: 

      .\install.ps1 -username "" -password "agw123" -thumbprint "b6f70dcc3dd822791ece744ec67c34eb92cbbe97e0"

      In case the credentials provided are wrong or in case the password is changed later on, the AD Connector will no more be able to connect and the following error will be given in the logs :

      2022-12-30 01:49:30.611 -08:00 [ERR] Can't process instruction 0c09f639-55b3-4406-835c-fc7ffb230ec6.
      System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException (0x8007052E): The user name or password is incorrect.

      To correct the username or password, please follow these instructions :

      • stop the AD connector Service
        Look for the service named "Ansys.Gateway.AdConnector"
        note : If you can't find the service, look for a service named "acsAdminConnector"

      • re-install the AD Connector service by following steps below:
        (note that if you no more have access to and config.json, please contact Ansys Technical Suppor
        1. Display the certificate's thumbprint
          Open the Certificate Manager (Start > Run > certmgr.msc)
          Under Certificates - Local Computer, go to Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates
          Open the certificate used to certify the local machine (whose Intended Purposed value is 'Client Authentication')
          In the certificate dialog, select the Details tab
          Select the Thumbprint field and copy the thumbprint value. You will need this in the next step

        2. In a PowerShell window, change directory to the folder where was extracted (during the first installation) and run the install.ps1 command with the following arguments:
            -username "username" 
            -password "password"
            -thumbprint "thumbprint" : the value you copied from the the certificate dialog above
          For example:
          \install.ps1 -username "" -password "agw123" -thumbprint "b6f70dc3dd82791ece744ec67c34eb92cdde97e0"

      Wait at least 15 minutes before checking the log files to see if the connection works.

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