1.Results are not the same for the same case setup when ran multiple times.

    • umesh66

      Hi everyone

      We are working on a bio-fuels to find ignition delay. We have a few problems with the simulations in ANSYS FORTE.


      1. The results are significantly varying when the same case setup is run multiple times. Why ? ( a ppt comparing the results for 4 different cases each ran 3 times, is attached below)

      2. We are running the simulations on college (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham) hpc. If the MPI arguments are given more than 8, the simulation is going slow rather than going fast. Is there any limit on maximum MPIs?

      3. Some simulations stop due to the error "temperature overflow in dmc_property". The simulation, if ran again, it terminates normally. why?


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