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100% disc usage when usign Fluent

    • Siro Tagliaferro

      Hello, I´m trying to simulate the aerodynamics of an F SAE car with Ansys Fluent with a watertight mesh. We made some simulation with the car and the undertray, but when we try to simulate the car with the front wing the computer turns very slow and becomes impossible to set the simulation. Previous simulations ran succesfully within 2 or 3 hours, however now it takes around 12 hrs and it only reaches 8% of completion. We also noticed that the disk usage is very high, keeping it between 96% and 100% when using Ansys Workbench and Fluent.

      Attached are some photos of the car and the task manager. 

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      How many cells have you got, and how much RAM?

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