1D Photonic crystal biosensor design

    • Chris Mathew

      I am currently working in the field of photonic sensors. I am creating a 1D periodic crystal structure and calculating transmission spectra. I have used alternate layers of SiO2 and Si respectively, with an air cavity in between.For this structure which source should I use?Also, if I want to obtain the transmission spectra for this, which monitor should I use and what should be the boundary conditions?The details are mentioned below in jpg format. Thank you for your kind support in advance.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      It seems you are new to FDTD?

      if so, please take some online courses in ALH for paid customers with registration:

      there are some open videos online:

      You will need to use mode source (usually the first mode, but you need to know which mode to use), PML bcs, Frequency-domain power monitors.


      You will also need to make sure the length is the grating is "infinitely" over vertical direction, or small such as around 1um.


      Please try to get some information from the videos and online explanations. If you have questions regarding to source, BCs, monitors please write a separate post for each of them.




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