2D axisymmetric simulation

    • Karthik R

      I am trying to do a 2D axisymmetric simulation in ANSYS Fluent. In the geometry cell I deselected solid bodies and line bodies so that only the surface is imported and changed the analysis type to 2D. In the mesh cell I changed the geometry 2D behavior to axisymmetric. I also created a named section for the centerline which will be the axis. Finally, in the setup cell, under boundary condition tab, I made the centerline type axis. I also went to the general tab to change the setting from planar to axisymmetric. 

      Despite all the changes I made, the simulation doesn't work when I run a calculation. I keep getting floating point errors. Note that the simulation works for a full 2D model when I don't make the axisymmetric changes. 

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