2D Magentostatic Simulation Boundaries and Size of the Region

    • lukasg



      I have got a modell of a linear motor in 2D to get the force in moving direction with a magentostatic solver.

      I am using the master and slave boundary at the upper and lower edge of the modell (Padded Data in y direction = 0) . I would like to set no more boundaries but Ansys needs one more such as vector potencial or balloon.

      Now my questions are:

      - Which boundary is the right one to solve my problem and get the correct results?

      - Do I have to set the Boundaries at the right and the left edge of my region or is it enough to set it on one side?

      - Whats the right width of the region? 

      I already tried different parametrics buut there are always different results, so I dont know which results are the right ones.

      It would be great if someone could help me.





      Here a screenshot of my principle CAD model without the region.

    • mgardner

      A balloon boundary denotes that no flux crosses that boundary.  Thus, you should set the balloon boundary on the edges of the model where there should be minimal magnetic flux.

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