2D Representation of Pipe with Helical Screw Insert?

    • KARINA L

      Looking for modelling expertise on the following: how can the following 3D figure of a circular pipe with a "helical screw insert" be represented in the 2D domain? 


      Trying to study laminar flow within this pipe and think it will be easier to model in 2D then apply symmetry for the solution. Please let me know if you can help or have any advice!!


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      There is a 2d axi-symmetric option in Fluent, but I'd be interested to know how you intend to add the screw into that!  I've seen a few do this in 3d with periodic boundaries on the stream-wise faces: have a look at that option. 

    • Abdelaziz bammoune


      in my opinion the right answer, try to simulate this configuration in 3d with two meduims (fluid and insert helical) and with only one interface between them (two contact region 1/2, 2/1).

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