2D Structured mesh generation

    • Davidbassey


      I'm trying to create a structured grid around a multi-body. I've split the domain into multiple faces but then when I begin to apply sizing modifications, two of the faces are not meshed properly.

      Could anyone please help me on how I should get a structured grid that i could then use for a grid dependency study.

    • peteroznewman

      Add an Edge Sizing to the edge that is misbehaving. You can apply that to all the edges that you want the same biasing to control the node spacing along that edge.

    • Eric85
      Hello Mr.PeternCould you please tell me how can I get a structured mesh in the triangle part. I have implemented all your comments in this post but it is still not structured.nn
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If it's triangular it's not a logical square/cube so getting a mapped mesh may not be feasible. It may be possible to decompose the face to get a structured mesh but I suspect it's not worth the effort: unstructured meshes are good. n
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