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2D surface segment

    • loasing

      when I try to segment a large circle-shaped surface with a small circle, or a small quarilateral or actually any shape inside, why it comes to scrappy like this.2D surface segment

    • loasing

      and by the way, why a point and a line will be created automatically while creating a surface with two circles, like this.

      best regards.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      the lines you are getting are because of the geometry functions inside icem. you can ignore it. 

      why are you using icem? suggest you to use spaceclaim. 




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    • loasing

      Thanks for your reply!

      Yeah,the lines can be ignored or just delete them, I'm just curious about it. Thank you though.

      But how about the first problem, the shattered surface, which puzzles me a lot.

      In fact I desire to make a 2D simulation about a rectangle wing, I thought it was rather simple, so I just set up the geometry by ICEM.But it always goes shattered while segmenting the surface with a  rectangle, I tried a small circle instead, but it still goes wrong like the picture showed below.

      As to spaceclaim, thanks for reminding, I'll check later.

      Best regards.

      simple 2D surface segment, always shattered.

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