2d to 3d mesh

    • avidano

      Hi there!

      I did the 2d cylinder simulation succesfully and gonne through the sensitivity analysis. I have used Design Modeller and Ansys Meshing.

      Now I would like to use existing settings to do the 3d analysis but I am failing to do that.

      Just adding the thickness in Ansys Meshing is not enough as then there is just one cell along the length of domain. Also, if I change analysis setting under the geometry properties from 2d to 3d and then extrude the surface, later in ansys meshing I got the message such as "analysis change (2d/3d) not possible after the first attach."

      Can someone help me achieve this, preferably using the Ansys Meshing, not the ICEM, and using the cylindrical regions as shown in image?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You'll need to change the geometry and then attach to a new Mesh task. If you export the agdb from the 2d case you can then read it into the new DesignModeler session. It is possible to extrude the 2d mesh in Fluent Meshing using the Boundary Layer tools, but that's not as simple as starting again. n
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