2D Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Influence of Reference Value & 6DOF)

    • J.LoongHee

      Dear experts, 

      I am working on a 2D Vertical Axis Wind Turbine wind turbine simulation on Fluent. I have several questions and I hope you can answer them. 

      1. So when I completed my 2D simulation, where there will be lift and drag generated on each of the blades and I can have moment of coefficient calculated. 

      May I know what is the influence of Reference Values set in the Setup (Tree), does it influence my simulation time / result? I.e., if I put the depth as default (1 m). If the real life turbine blade height is 0.6 m, do I need to put that as the Reference Values? 

      2. Secondly regarding the 6DOF properties within the Dynamic Mesh setting, if this is done using a UDF then I can omit putting values into the properties tab am I right? I believe this Six DOF properties tab was a new feature added in some of the recent Fluent version? 

      If so, do you think there will be a difference in solver speed if I implement the 6DOF using the built-in tab or UDF? 


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The reference values will alter the coefficients Fluent reports, they do not effect the actual results: so forces will be right, lift coefficient will depend on the reference value. It's covered in the coefficient definitions, and there's more explanation in the airfoil tutorials. 

      If you're using a UDF for dynamic mesh it should switch off most of the deformation panel settings. If anything is active you need to check the values are sensible. The UDF will control motion, but probably not the remeshing. 


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