2D vs 3D analysis for microfluidic simulation

    • PradnyaG20

      I am a beginner at Fluent and am currently working in microchannel flow simulation. I created my surface of specified channel depth in spaceclaim and meshed. Thereafter, when I open fluent, the sketch appears 2D though I selected 3D in geometry analysis type. I could get the required contours in the plane of the sketch(not considering the 3rd depth dimension), and they look ok. However I wanted to know if my analysis in Fluent has really been done just as the mesh appears (2D extruded), or its simply planar. Which one shall give me the required result for a microchannel with the entered depth and 2D geometry created?

    • Karthik R

      Have you created a 3D geometry in SpaceClaim?

      If you have selected Fluent in 3D and you have three coordinates - x, y, and z, it means your analysis is 3D. Please share a screenshot of the mesh in iso view so we can confirm this.



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