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3 Point bending Test of carbon fiber

    • Rodrigo Barata Correia

      Hi there,

      I have made a 3-point bending experimental test with a carbon fiber laminate but I don't know any of the elastic or mechanical properties of the carbon fiber that I have used.

      I have the force versus displacement curve, flexural modulus, and stress vs strain curve. All for a 3-point bending configuration.

      I've also done a 3-point bending simulation in Ansys with the generic 230 GPa woven carbon fiber but the results are way too off. Is there a way for me to extrapolate the properties of this carbon? Maybe changing the modulus of elasticity.

      I will leave a picture of the results I got experimentally and with Ansys.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator
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