3D component having ACIS entity check error in Ansys Electronics Desktop HFSS

    • Baldwin Ngo

      I have a 3D component that has been imported into a hybrid modal network HFSS design. When running the validate check, I receive this error: 

      ACIS entity check failed for part

      Use Design Settings/Validation to relax ACIS entity checking or Modeler/Model Preparation/Heal to fix check errors

      I can use Modeler -> Model Analysis -> Show Analysis Dialog -> Objects. I then do perform -> analyze objects on the part in question, and see the errors. Heal objects or delete does not work. The error is "Component part is not allowed for this operation" 

      However, I can bring out the 3D component to a separate file by right clicking the 3D component and "Edit Definition." This opens a new window with just the 3D component. When running the validate in this instance, the component passes, and going through Modeler -> Model Analysis -> Show Analysis Dialog -> Objects -> Perform -> Analyze Objects shows that the part is "Good"

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Baldwin,

      Thank you for reaching to us and we appreciate your patience on this.

      Are you certain that the ACIS entity check error is for the 3D component?

      To troubleshoot the model, please follow these steps -

      1. Run the simulation model without the 3D component if possible and see if you are successful.
      2. Run the simulation model of the 3D component alone if possible and see if you are successful.

      By this, you will come to know what is the issue.

      Best regards,

    • ZMIRLI kalidod


      hi, what is the error ‘ACIS entity check failed for part …’ in hfss and how I can solve this problem in my 3d model?





      Kodi nox


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