3D Mesh – Floating Point Exception

    • RLester5


      When going to initialize this in setup I get a floating point error.

      I think this must be due to the mesh, but before I completely re-do it, I was going to ask for some advice on how to correctly mesh it in terms of values I am trying to achieve for aspect ratio, skewness, etc. Or where I should be looking for areas of concern.


      3D Object. 4 individual FFF parts. 3 individual volumes. 

      Inlet - Outlet system.

      Inflation and face sizing are all applied to fluid domain of the larger pipe (blue left on picture below)

      Automatic sizing is applied to the same pipe, but includes the walls of the pipe as well.



      Automatic Method:


      Normal View:

      Full Condenser

      Normal View Mesh:

      Section view Mesh:

      Fluid Domain:

      Fluid Domain - inside condenser

      Fluid Domain Mesh:

      Mesh Details:


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Cell quality isn't great, but is just about acceptable. Check you have 4-6 cells minimum through all the narrow gaps and that the growth rate isn't too high. 

    • RLester5

      Okay, so then why am I getting a floating point error? Doesn't that specifically reference an error in the mesh? 


      also when you say 4-6 cells minimum through gaps, do you mean in an edge sizing or method?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      No, I mean you need 4-6 cells across the gap. Proximity size function may be useful otherwise set the surface & volume mesh sensibly. 

      Floating point error tends to mean the solve isn't happy: could be mesh or boundary conditions. Always start by checking the mesh, then work through the rest of the model. 

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