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General Mechanical

3D model contact

    • kenil

      hallo, here I made model of symmetric scissor having ABS flexible Tung and Steel Tip part.

      I use the bonded connection between Tip and Tung also use friction connection between two tip.

      1] After Applies 50N vector load on both side to calculate displacement and stress level, faceing trubble withe overlapping geometry like in figure. without large deformation on

      2] with large deformation on it taking same thing on less deformation but over lapping on certain part.

      please suggest me how to fix this problem.

      do I need to define more contact?

    • peteroznewman
      I expect the area of interest is the ABS handle, not the metal blades. Delete all the Frictional Contact. Turn on Large Deflection.nChange the Fixed Support to the surface highlighted in red.nnOn the same surface on the opposite side, insert a Remote Displacement and leave all DOF Free, but put a Y = 10 mm displacement or whatever the distance is between the thick plastic ends. In the Solution branch, insert a Probe and request the Reaction Force for the Remote Displacement.n
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