3D model display in Ansys HFSS

    • ha_nguyen3


      Anyone please kindly let me know how I can reset the default display of imported model in Ansys HFSS?

      I imported .stl files into Ansys HFSS via Modeler > Import, and the model showed up like the image below. This is what I want.

      I might have changed something unintentionally, and now the model is displayed as below. It looks transparent even though the set transparency is set to 0 (which is opaque). I'm not sure how to get back to the default settings.
      Thank you. 
    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for reaching out and your patience is much appreciated.

      Please go through the following observations/comments on your query

      1. Is your model imported as a single object or a group of objects? - In this case, you might have deleted or hidden those objects accidentally. Please check.
      2. Did you import this model one more time and see if it displayed correctly?

      All the very best,

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