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3D ROM in Workbench


    • Han_JC

      Expert, hello!


      I want to use the Ansys TwinBuilder to implement the simulation of multi-physiological domain systems, so I need to build the structural model I need in Workbench (my research object is a rotor, corresponding to Mechanic simulation), then get its ROM model file, Easy to follow up.


      The version I use is 2020R2, in this version of the Workbench Help document, indicate "NOTE: CURRENTLY, You CAN SET UP AND BUILD A ROM Only for a Fluent System. ROM PRODUCTION EXAMPLES ARE PROVIDED", what is this?

      help file:


      Or can you tell me how to get the ROM model of the rotor system?


      In this video,they got the rom model,but it isn’t a fluent systems


      " target="_blank">


      Thank you very much!

  • Naresh Patre
    Ansys Employee

    Hello Han JC

    Regarding your question on 3D ROM in Workbench, please post it on ANSYS Customer Portal or Ansys Learning Forum based on the type of license that you have. This ANSYS Discovery Community Forum is specifically for seeking help on ANSYS Discovery products. Thank you for your understanding!

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