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3D ROM in workbench

    • Han_JC

      Expert, hello!?

      I want to use the Ansys TwinBuilder to implement the simulation of multi-physiological domain systems, so I need to build the structural model I need in Workbench (my research object is a rotor, corresponding to Mechanic simulation), then get its ROM model file, Easy to follow up.


      The version I use is 2020R2, in this version of the Workbench Help document, indicate "NOTE: CURRENTLY, You CAN SET UP AND BUILD A ROM Only for a Fluent System. ROM PRODUCTION EXAMPLES ARE PROVIDED", what is this??

      help file:


      Or can you tell me how to get the ROM model of the rotor system?


      In this video,they got the rom model,but it isn’t a fluent systems



      Thank you very much!

      Looking forward your reply!

    • Jose Luis Gonzalez Hernandez
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Han You could as well create the ROMs in Twin Builder. Twin Builder has capabilities to create different types of ROMs. Depending on what you are trying to capture and the problem itself, ROMs can be Linear, Static, Dynamic, Response Surface, etc.
      As you are trying to create a 3D ROM from Workbench, a Static ROM in Twin Builder may be your best option. For this ROM, the output is field data (3D results) and the input is a point in the design space; you create this ROM by running a DOE. You can find more information about ROMs in Twin Builder in the help.
      Thank you
      • Hanrui Qiu

        Hi Jose, do you have any idea how to display the results of .fmu file and .romz file?

        I've used ROM builder to exported ROMs (.fmu file or .romz file), but I don't know how to see the results. This demo used ANSYS 3D ROM Viewer in Workbench(

        ), which I don't have in my 2021 R1 version. 

        Someone said that .romz file can directly import into FLUENT, but I don't know how.


    • Han_JC
      Thank u very much I want to briefly introduce my work. My work is related to the active control system of the active electromagnetic bearing supporting the rotor. I want to realize the data interaction of the three in TwinBuilder. The force applied by the active electromagnetic bearing to the rotor can be adjusted by the control system. The vibration data of the rotor system is transmitted to the control system in real time, and the control system performs real-time regulation according to the rotor vibration. The above is the process of co-simulation.
      So the point now is i wanna get the ROM of rotor ,which u think is the best way?
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