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3D structures and Coordinate Drawing display Issue

    • robertem2k


      I have newly installed ANSYS Electronics Desktop 2020R2.4 without any errors reported, however, when I open he software and add a new HFSS project, I do not see the typical 3D coordinate drawing. When I open example projects, I am able to run the simulations but I am still not able to see any structure drawing windows.

      OS: Windows 64b 10 Pro Educational

      server PC: new VMware ESXi 7.0 server HPC with Remote Desktop Access to VM

      VM Video Adapter config: 16MB, 3D disabled

      We have other installations in the lab on older VMware based server with ANSYS 2019R2 version, which displays 3D coordinate and other example structure with no problems.

      Any idea what could be the issue with this display of 3D structures? Or suggestions on diagnostics or log files I could review?

      I have attached screenshots of the configuration as well as "the bad" new 2020R2.4 installation display and the typical expected good display.

      Thank you very much,

      Robert Morawski

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      Your setup may not be a fully supported Remote Display environment. Please refer to this information on our supported Remote Display and VDI options.n you,nMattn
    • robertem2k
      Would the entry level NVIDIA PNY Quadro P620-V2 2GB GDDR5 with 512 CUDA cores graphics card solve the Remote Display ANSYS HFSS issue on VMware ESXi based HPC server?n
    • robertem2k
      Just wanted to post the update on this case. nI have solved this Remote Desktop Display Issue with 3D drawings in ANSYS tools, by uninstalling VMware Tools from Windows 10 VM, these tools were loading VMware SVGA 3D display adapter in Device Manager, and it seems that this particular adapter is not working well with ANSYS tools. I had to also delete VMware SVGA 3D display adapter driver from Device Manager, so it is not reloaded. nOnce the VMware Tools were uninstalled, the VM was rebooted and Windows 10 by default loaded Microsoft Basic Display Adapter in Device Manager, and this display adapter solved the problem. I can see all the 3D drawings and structures again in ANSYS Electronics Desktop 2020R2.4. nThank you and Best Regards, nRobert.nBTW, I suppose installing new entry level NVIDIA PNY Quadro P620-V2 in the server and setting it up in VMware PCI pass-through mode for this VM would probably work as well.n
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