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3D-texture on metal surface/imported file from solidworks

    • HumbertoSantos


      I have run into a challenging task to create a 3D-surface geometry on an part. Let's say I want to create the surface from the figure below on my part before going to the meshing section. This example is just a rondomly selected drawing from google (not mine). Of course, to create that in DesignModeler from Ansys would be really hard and time consuming, if even possible. So, I decided to use solidworks 19 to model such a part since from the 19 edition they have a database of surfaces that can be turned into a 3D texture, and get the object like the figure shown. Until there, all right. So I saved the file in format supported by ANSYS such as STEP (I have even tried others as well), however, when I import into ANSYS DM and generate, the the textured surface does not appers, only the plain tube shows up. 

      Now my question is, I am doing something wrong or it is a functionality that ANSYS does not support yet? Please, advise if there is a way to overcome this, I really need to do this project work.

      I do appreciate any attempt of help and thank you all in advance for taking sometime to read my post. 

      Humberto Santos 

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      Figure: randomly selected as an exemple from google, but it describes exctely what I am trying to do. 

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