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4-Point-Bending test simulation and result verification

    • DanielG

      Hello everyone!

      First at all: Thanks for this great community. I learned a lot over the last months just with reading discussions here. Now to my problem (Ansys version Workbench 19.2 students access): I try to do simulation of simple geometries in a 4-point-bending test. The simulated results of applied force/deformation achieved are not near the results of applied force/deformation achieved due to real testing.

      The simple geometry is pushed downwards from two forces attached to two lines at the top surface of the geometry. The bottom is supported by a fixed support and a displacement support.


      As result, I got this:


      I tested a bar made from aluminum alloy 6060-T66 (3.3206). I did measure the dimensions of the flat bar and the placement of the testing-machine carefully and simulated it the same way. For the material data in Ansys I got the plastic strain/true stress form since I get some material data points of that specific material for free. For comparision I used deformation probe(at the place of aplied force) over max equivalent stress chart made in Ansys.

      I inserted this in the multilinear Isotropic Hardening. I just paste here my material data:

      My model converges, large deformations is on, I tryed with dense mesh and with rough mesh, the force is applied stepwise... I don't have a clue why the results aren't nearly the same.

      Maybe somebody has any idea what to try or what I may have missed doing?

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