6 DoF Solver preload is not being taken into account

    • Yagiz Guzelcan

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to use 6 DoF Solver with dynamic mesh. In my 2D problem, I have 2 moving parts. I solved the problem with the use of UDF. However, for the real physics I am trying to solve the problem with 6 DoF solver again. But I confront some problems. 

      First of all, I calculated the required preload and spring constant and put those values in the 6DoF Solver properties screen. I define 2 different motion with 6DoF solver. Let's say motion1 and motion2. These motions are pure translational in x-direction. I defined motion1 to let's say wall1, and similarly, motion2 is assigned to wall2 via dynamic mesh zone screen as rigid body motion.

      At the beginning of the simulation, wall1 has 40N on it in -x-direction. I defined preload 39N in x-direction. When I read the force in x-direction on wall1 using report definitions, I observe that the preload was not taken into account and the value is -40N. Similarly, I am dealing with the same issue with motion2 and wall2 couple as well. 

      In the physics of my problem, this creates a huge problem. In reality, the wall1 and motion1 should start at the beginning of the simulation in -x-direction. But as the wall1 goes in -x-direction it allows fluid to flow through it. After some time, the force on wall2 increases and it passes the preload value so it begins to move. To give you more detail about the motion of wall2:
      Preload applied on wall2 is 211N in -x-direction. At the beginning of the simulation, the force is 172N in x-direction on wall2. Thus it should not move at the beginning. However, since the preload value is not considered it moves at the beginning.

      Here is the property screens:

      How can I solve this issue? 

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali


      Can you share a screenshot of your Dynamic Mesh zones settings as well?

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