A fatal signal received after initializing a case with UDF

    • Yanyao

      Hi community, 

      I'm very new to fluent and UDF. Right now I'm working on a UDF, which is modified from 3D version to implement dynamic contact angle to wall adhesion. I think the compiling and loading is successful, however, after I click initialize I reveived following notice:

      Error:  received a fatal signal (Segmentation fault).

      Error Object: #f

      The case is 2d, dp, pressure-based, VOF, laminar, transient case, and it runs good without the UDF. I have attached my code here, any help will be greatly appreciated!

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      You need to completely restrict the UDF to 2D analysis. Look into Macros for Dealing with Two and Three Dimension of the customization manual to check RP_2D and RP_3D.

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